• Losing Weight Without Going to the Gym

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    So for the New Year you are trying to lose some weight like everyone else. You think about it but still do not want to go to the gym. We need to think of another way right?


    There are things you can do to lower your weight without going to the gym. Here are tips on how to do so:


    Tip#1 Hydro power- even though people do drink water they don't drink enough. A human can live almost a month without food but less than 7 days without water. Water is self-sustaining but we do not drink enough water. Put down the calories like soda and coffee and drink water. If you drink a nice cold glass of water when you wake up it will give you a nice little wake up call. African Lean Belly Reviews Drinking it throughout the day will actually increase your metabolism as well. With zero calories it will allow you to drop the 500 calories you are drinking of empty carbohydrates per day.


    Tip#2 Take the stairs, park the furthest from the parking lot, ETC- this sounds like not a lot but how many times in a day do you have to walk for an hour to burn off 100-200 calories? Look for ways of burning extra calories without taking too much out of your day. Taking the stairs twice a day can burn up to 150 calories in a 4 story building a day! Walking further can burn a lot of calories and you are still going to the place you intended to be. Look for things like that and you should be losing 1-2 pounds a month.


    Tip#3 Sleep your butt off- So when you think about it how many days a week do you get eight hours of sleep? Most Americans do not get proper sleep so your body stores extra calories thinking that it is in survival mode. It also causes your body to stress which of course stress generates a nice little hormone called "Cortisol" which causes belly fat. So to combat it get your eight hours, turn the TV off and don't eat after nine so you get a good night sleep!


    Tip#4 Eyes are bigger than your stomach- They stated that if you serve yourself smaller portions of the same food you will not eat as much of calories throughout the day. This also goes hand in hand with eating slower. "Leptin" is a hormone released in the body telling you it is full and it takes a little bit of time so slow your roll.


    Chinese researchers determined that folks would get maximum benefits from nine cups of green tea daily. That might seem like an awful lot of tea to drink in one day, so you should try to get the equivalent of the nine cups with a combination of brewed tea and supplements. The active ingredient in green tea is catechin, with about 100 mg. of catechins per cup of brewed tea. So you should strive to find a tea supplement that contains about 100 mg. of catechins per does. Then use any combination of brewed tea and supplements to get your daily dose of 900 mgr of catechins.


    Catechins are important because evidence indicates that catechins lower levels of the hunger hormone leptin. At the same time, tea gives us a shot of 1-theanine, an amino acid that further surpresses our hunger. In addition, Swiss researchers found that catechins also boost metabolism by 4%. A British study found that catechins reduce fat-storage hormones by up to 15%. And finally, tea has been found to lower levels of stress hormones linked to belly fat.


    So, why not give green tea a chance. Some people find that tea tastes best when flavored with a little lemon. There are also some tasty green tea flavored soft drinks on the market that will help you get your recommended daily dose of and catechins. So, enjoy the tea and watch that weight come off!